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I'm Caroline Staley and I live in Mt. Pleasant, SC. I studied Studio Art at The College Of Charleston and went on to pursue my dreams of travel and marital bliss. After 16 years, a very supportive husband and three children, I felt the need to “find my passion” and it led me back to my art. It started with a piece or two for my own house or for a friend. With much unexpected encouragement from friends and strangers I have turned my passion into a career. I am guided by my love for the sea and all things salty! While not completely confined to coastal decor, I have the ability to branch out into other themes when the inspiration strikes! For many years, my husband claimed that I spent my days “gallavanting” around town, while unbeknownst to him, I was really in the trenches of laundry, diapers, baby food and homework! When I began painting again, I used the pen name “Gallavantor” in order to avoid criticism from the unknown. I started a Facebook and Instagram page under that name and almost immediately my work became coveted as quickly as I could paint it! It soon became known to family and friends that Caroline and the “Gallavantor” were the same person. Where had she been hiding this talent all of these years!?!?!?! Some of my work can be seen at the Treasure Nest Art Gallery in Mt. Pleasant, SC.and all of my work can be viewed at Facebook/TheGallavantor or on Instagram as @Gallavantor. You may also contact me for private scheduled commission appointments

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